Learn Basic Blackjack Strategy

The basic blackjack strategy uses a set of specific rules that have been formulated by statisticians and analysts to reduce the amount of the casino advantage to a minimum. The strategy is used to help players win at blackjack.

Experts at blackjack use computers in order to generate different simulation programs of all the possible hands in the game. This data is then used to develop the basic method for playing the game. The core of the strategy is simply a mathematical system of graphs. Using these graphs can help people make choices that are statistically sound when playing almost any game of blackjack. The graphs have answers for when you should hit and stand. These answers are simple and easy to understand.

Most of the decisions that are based on this basic blackjack strategy come from the fact that the dealer has to stand when they have anything above 17 and is not given the chance to double down or split. These are the fundamental rules of this classic title. The strategy comes from the fact a dealer is more likely to bust when their up card is a 3 through 6. You should stand no matter what in this case as your chances of busting are the same, but the dealer does not have the choice to stand and you do.

Whether or not you win at blackjack is going to depend a little bit on luck. The cards that you get and the bets that you choose to make will determine how well you do. However, if you use the appropriate blackjack strategy during your play you are going to increase your chances of winning significantly. Using a solid strategy will decrease the advantage that the house has in the game to a minimum. It can also provide you as a player with a slight edge over the casino. This being said, the only way to obtain a significant advantage over the casino is by counting cards. However, this is obviously not allowed in casinos and is extremely difficult. Most brick and mortar casinos and online casinos only offer variants of games that use multiple decks.

In order to be successful when playing blackjack, players should take some time to learn strategies that can help them enjoy more wins at the tables. There are multiple strategies that are employed when playing this classic casino game and players who wish to enjoy ongoing wins will benefit from taking time to learn and master these. Many online blackjack games can be played for free, so this offers a perfect opportunity to practice strategies before placing any real money wagers on the games that are supported.

European Blackjack Strategy

European blackjack is a popular variation of the game that is found at online casinos and players can learn strategies that will help them win more hands when playing for real money. This game is played using between 2 and 8 decks of cards, and when games use between 4 and 8 decks, the house edge is 0.42%. With this game, players can employ basic strategy, which can be learned from free strategy charts offered online. However, there are few things that should be done differently. When the player has a 5 through 8 and the dealer has a 2 through Ace the player should hit. Players should also double down when they have 9 and the dealer has between 3 and 6 or when they have a 10 or 11 and the dealer has 2 through 9. These added strategies will provide players with an edge at the table. Playing free blackjack is a great way to practice and learn game strategies.

American Blackjack Strategy

American Blackjack is a similar version of game, but the dealer will check for a Blackjack when they are dealt a ten card or an ace. Players will follow the basic strategy listed on blackjack charts when playing this game and they do not have to vary from it as they do with European games. Blackjack strategy cards can be used while playing online, which is one of the great benefits to online gambling. They can also be used when playing live dealer versions of American blackjack.

Blackjack Strategy Apps

For those that love the thrills of playing blackjack, a strategy chart or app is a necessity. There are many great apps that can be located that can be used while engaging in any real money game of blackjack online or on mobile devices. Android players can grab great free blackjack strategy apps that can be downloaded and referred to as a game is in progress. Strategy apps will help players learn what to do with any hand that is dealt and will increase the chances of winning. While blackjack may be a game of luck to an extent, it is the decisions of the player that ultimately alter the result of the game, so knowing strategies will be beneficial for any blackjack player. Most players will take time to memorize strategy charts so they can play faster games and win more hands in a shorter amount of time. For those that are new to the game of blackjack, downloading any strategy app will prove to be beneficial and will help boost the chances of enjoying winning hands and great payouts. Check out our our list of famous blackjack players.

Play Blackjack at these Sites

Blackjack games can be found at all leading online and mobile casinos and there will be a huge selection of game variations that can be played. By using game strategies, players who are betting real money will be able to enjoy high payouts and endless action with this classic casino game. Those that are new to the game of blackjack can benefit from free games.Games at sites like this will offer a chance to practice new variations and learn game strategies so that players can be more successful when they start placing wagers on games online. Blackjack remains one of the most played games in any casino setting and with the knowledge of basic strategy and making use of free games, players will find they can engage in these games at any operating casino and start collecting some handsome payouts. Get ready to enjoy a thrilling experience with a game that offers some of the highest possible payouts online.

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