Rules in Playing Pontoon

Pontoon is a British online casino game inspired by the game blackjack. Both pontoon and blackjack have a dealer and a regular 52-card deck. Although the two games are similar, they still have differences especially in terms of rules.

The recommended number of players for this game is ranging from five to eight. However, the game may accept an indefinite number of players. If the player count exceeds to eight, two 52-card decks will be utilized instead of one. A banker must be fairly chosen prior to the game start. The one who gets the card with the highest value is assigned to be the banker. This selection is missing in the online version because the bank automatically serves as the banker.

Every player should put their wager on the table in order to start the game. After placing the bets, the banker will get two cards and check these. If the banker's card is a pontoon hand, which means the cards have a 10-value card and an ace, the banker takes home the money. If it is the opposite, the other players have the turn.

The players may experience the following scenarios: pontoon, split, hit, twist, or stand/stick. If the player has a ten and an ace, he wins. It is also possible to split the cards if the two cards, even aces, are of the same value. Hit may also occur wherein a player requests to have up to five more cards. A player can also ask for a twist so that he will get one more card. If the player's card reaches the value at least 15, he may opt to stand with it.

When none of the players get the winning combination, the banker has the turn again. A bust, which indicates that the banker's card value is more than 21, may happen and the banker lose. The banker may also have a 21 or less and stick with it. Note that the goal is to have a better hand compared to the banker for you to win.

Other than the bets on the table, side bets are also allowed. Side bet here is known as Sweet 16. Winning on the side bet depends on the two cards which are first dealt. Like the other main bets, Sweet 16 must also be placed on the table prior to the game.