Double Exposure Blackjack Review

If you are tired of the old traditional blackjacks, you may want to give a chance to this exciting variant - the Double Exposure Blackjack. As the name suggests, there are two cards exposed during the game. Astoundingly, these two cards are the banker's. Aside from this fact, this variant of the well-known online casino game is very profitable compared to the other versions. This is what makes the game more exciting.

Being familiar with the rules of the common blackjacks will give you leverage in how to play the Double Exposure. Like the usual game, all the bets must be placed on the table before the game starts. Players may choose to hit, double down, split, or stand. The rules are almost the same, except from the fact that there are two exposed cards and some given advantages for the banker.

Having double exposed cards is somehow considered as a banker's disadvantage. To compensate with this exposure, there are set rules in favor of the banker. One advantage is the right to win all the ties aside from the player with blackjack. Another gain is the even payment of the winning cards. Re-splitting is also prohibited among the players. Insurance bets are also not allowed in the game since there is no available dealer hole card. All these rules are the banker's gain in exchange of showing his cards at the start of the game.

Specific rules on Double Exposure Blackjack may change in every casino. You better read the company's policy to know their detailed rules in advance. For example, some sites allow someone to hit if the cards' value on hand is less than 17 but others do not.

Despite having an advantage against the banker, a player's overall winning percentage is relatively small. Still, the guessing game for the banker's cards is a lot less hassle. Double Exposure Blackjack is also similar with Face Up 21 and Dealer Disclosure so you may also want to try them both.